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live in Laußig

Laußig located on the edge of Dübener heath and with its rural charm famous resorts from everyday stress. An ideal spot to come to rest.

For active recreation to keep the nature of the adjacent Muldenaue or near the pine and mixed forest of Düben Heath ready versatile options. Whether you hike, bike, horseback roam the forests, gather if the blueberries or mushrooms - the fresh green, fresh air and the movement of body and soul can relax and re-energize.

The proximity to the spa town of Bad Düben Eilenburg, Delitzsch, Torgau and Leipzig - the largest cultural center - offers a lot of range of offers for a varied and sophisticated leisure.
Laußig itself has more than 40 clubs, including any gain is welcome.

In the formerly prosperous industrial town Laußig in the sixties and seventies, had been erected in the order of about 400 local homes. To manage these new buildings and to let the concerns of the dwellings is Laußiger Wohnstätten GmbH.

            Apartments in the Dübener Strasse in Laußig:

In the district Laußig worked the Laußiger Wohnstätten GmbH - a 100% company of the community - currently 344 local housing units.
The spectrum of municipal residential tower offers ranges from 1 - room flats to 4-room flats. These are fully refurbished and most have balconies.

Accommodation offers:
For a short stay in Laußig - either professionally or as a private guest -
We keep waiting for you to stay:

The Wohnungsgenossenschaft Eilenburg eG currently manages about 100 apartments in Laußig. The blocks are located in the center and are fully restored.
The administrator of the residential units in the district Pristäblich is the Heideland Agrar AG Bad Düben and for flats in the district Pressel AGRO-Projekt Wohnungsverwaltungs-GmbH Eilenburg.


Leipziger Str. 23
04838 Laußig
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