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Values citizens,
distinguished guests,                                                 

as mayor of the municipality Laußig I welcome you!

I am very pleased that you are interested in our community website on the internet. These sites allow you an insight into our community life.

A detailed form service phone numbers and
authorities directory help with applications, etc.

Click on the topics and images mentioned left or right to get detailed information on each topic.

Of course, you could also employees of local government and I personally like with advice and a helping hand.

Learn more about our community with its 8 districts first virtually know each other; visit our region.


  Dear Citizens,

  In the period from 27.12.2016 up to and including 31.12.2016
  remains the
Municipal administration.

  In case of emergency please call us at 034243/339 0.

  The employees of the municipal administration and also I wish
Merry Christmas
  And a healthy new year 2017.
  Signed Lothar Schneider


Leipziger Str. 23
04838 Laußig
Tel.:         034243 / 339 0
Fax:         034243 / 339 21
E-Mail:     info[at]